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Premium tattooing, piercing and semi-permanent make up in Southampton using the finest inks, state of the art methods and exclusive award winning artists. The best known Tattoo Studio in Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury and surrounding areas. Brought to you by multiple award winning artist by Archiebald Cook and his team.

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Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
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The Artists

Archiebald Cook is a multiple award winning artist with a highly skilled team of artists at his Southampton tattoo studio. Take a look below...

Archiebald Cook


Archiebald Cook started tattooing at the age of 9 mentored by his father, Matt Cook of the Sharp Practice. In his teenage years he had been recognised by multiple magazines for his work, moving on to win awards in various categories around England. Archiebald is also the tattooist of international footballers.

Building a solid reputation in many styles of tattooing, Archie’s experience and determination to be the best tattooist he can shows in all of his work.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Cameron Slaven


Cam is Kookie Tattoo’s Junior Artist – trained under Archiebald Cook. Using his OCD to his advantage Cam has made a strong reputation. Cam is an all rounder but has flourished with black and grey realism.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Poppy Tiller


Poppy’s skill in illustrated drawing and a keen eye for art translates seamlessly into her tattooing. Poppy has a broad tattooing capability and is happy to tattoo most styles but will always flourish in fineline blackwork.

As her portfolio shows she has a natural understanding of both technical and artistic sides.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Cristiano Fantin



Cristiano has over 25 years tattooing experience in all styles and has worked in some of Englands most prestigious studios, with a love for black and grey realism finalise blackwork and oriental. Cristianos wealth of experience and knowledge mean he is the perfect artist for any project.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Annie Pascaru


Annie guested for us back in 2021 and we loved her so much we asked her to stay as a resident member of our team.  She is confident in many styles with a number of years of experience behind her. She is confident in black and grey realism, line work, graphic tattoos and old school.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Maddy Connor


Maddy is a 24 year old Semi-permanent makeup artist from Ringwood, Hampshire. While she specialises in eyebrows, she offers a range of treatments including eyelash enhancement, eyeliner, lip blush, eyebrows, ombré brow, hair strokes and powder.
With a VTCT level 4 qualification and several years of experience in the beauty industry, she has a lot of experience in creating semi-permanent make up that is unique to each and every person!

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Tulio De Paula

(7th March – 2nd April – GUEST ARTIST)

Tulio is a well established tattoo artist from Brazil. He has been a professional tattoo artist for 9 years, specialising in realism. Tulio learned to tattoo at the age of 15, encouraged by his brother who was already a tattoo artist. Since then, he has studied and specialised in realism. In 2017, he became a partner of the Original Dragon in Brazil.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Leonardo Avelar

(7th March – 2nd April – GUEST ARTIST)

Leonardo Avelar, aka Leo, has been tattooing for over a decade. Originally from Brazil, Leo specialises in custom tattooing where quality is paramount. His artistic eye and understanding of effective contrast mean Leo’s tattoos last and stay strong for a lifetime.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Dean O’Shea

(7th March – 10th March GUEST ARTIST)

Dean currently tattoo’s at The Tattooed Look in Hampshire and specialises in dot work and mandalas.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Cesar Rodriguez


Cesar started his career as a tattooist at a young age in USA where he learned black and grey heavily influenced by Mexican culture where he originates from. Cesar boasts a pure talent in freehand script but can take on any style

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

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The Kookie Tattoo shop is based in Southampton, Hampshire. Commutable distance from Salisbury and Bournemouth.

114 High St, Southampton SO14 2AA

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