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Premium award winning tattooing in Southampton using the finest inks. Also offering piercing, laser tattoo removal, semi-permanent make up and scalp micro-pigmentation using state of the art methods. The best known tattoo studio in Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Hampshire and Dorset and surrounding areas. Brought to you by multiple award winning artist by Archiebald Cook and his team.

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The Artists

Archiebald Cook is a multiple award winning artist with a highly skilled team of resident artists and international guest artists at his Southampton tattoo studio. Take a look below...

Archiebald Cook

Senior Resident Tattoo Artist

Archiebald Cook started tattooing at the age of 9 mentored by his father, Matt Cook of the Sharp Practice. In his teenage years he had been recognised by multiple magazines for his work, moving on to win awards in various categories around England. Archiebald is also the tattooist of international footballers.

Building a solid reputation in many styles of tattooing, Archie’s experience and determination to be the best tattooist he can shows in all of his work.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Poppy Tiller

Resident Junior Tattoo Artist

Poppy specialises in fine line and black and grey tattoos. As one of our junior artists and being trained by Archie, her skills have progressed rapidly. Poppy started with us back in our Ringwood shop and now works as a resident artist in our Southampton studio.

Unique to Poppy is her precise line work and artistic ability. She offers our studio something different as an artist. Poppy is excellent at floral tattoos and has experience in tattooing a number of styles including old skool and traditional.

Poppy has bookable appointments Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please contact the studio to book an appointment.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Chris Hirakawa

Resident Tattoo Artist

Kiyoharu Hirakawa (aka Chris) is a half English, half Japanese opaque realism artist. His tattoo career began in graphite realism and has since taken him around the globe.

Chris has pushed the limits of opaque black and grey firmly establishing himself as one of the best.

His portfolio reflects his passion for dark realism and love for small details. His relaxed attitude and genuine love for tattooing make him a fantastic addition to the Kookie family.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Diyan Ivanov

Resident Tattoo Artist

Diyan Ivanov is a multi-award winning tattoo artist, specialising in colour and black and grey realism. 

With over 23 years experience and tattooing since he was 15, Diyan’s experience shows in his quality of work. Diyan started tattooing in Bulgaria, and has since had guest appearances as an artist in Holland, Germany and England. 

Winning serval awards at Southampton and Portsmouth tattoo convention for his black and grey and colour work. His film and horror tattoos have a particularly colourful and wicked style to them and his flower motifs and female portraits are particular special. 

Diyan has bookable appointments Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Please email or message the studio if you are interested in booking and appointment. 

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Annie Pascaru

Resident Tattoo Artist

Annie Pascaru is one of our resident artists. Annie first came to Kookie as a guest artist from Liverpool back in 2021 and we loved her so much we asked her to stay and join the team on a permanent bases. 

Originally from Moldova, Annie has many years experience tattooing across the globe. 

She is a skilled black and grey artist and confident in a number of styles including realism, graphic, old school. 

What sets Annie apart from our other artist is her unique style for graphic and quirky tattoos.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Cristina Ribeiro

Resident Tattoo Artist

Introducing Cristina Ribeiro aka @tiny_needlez, the newest addition to our team.

Her passion for tattooing can be seen in her attention to detail and her ability to work with the client to create a unique design. Her fave styles are neo-traditional and linework. Cristina works both in colour and black and grey, and loves to add a pop of colour to make her designs stand out.

Whether you’re looking for a small, intricate design or a large, bold statement piece, Cristina will work with you to create a tattoo you love.

Drop the studio a message if you’d like to book an appointment with Cristina.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Nicole Cruz

Apprentice Tattoo Artist

Nicole is our Apprentice Tattoo Artist, starting with us in 2022. She has progressed very quickly, creating amazing realism tattoos, which can be seen in her portfolio. She has been creative since a young age, practising traditional art by drawing and painting. In the past year, Nicole has developed onto practising realism art. Nicole has trained under Archie and has advanced her tattooing skill very quickly. She has a keen interest in realism and American traditional tattoo and is now taking bookings.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Cristiano Fantin

Resident Tattoo Artist

Cristiano has over 25 years tattooing experience in all styles and has worked in some of Englands most prestigious studios, with a love for black and grey realism finalise blackwork and oriental. Cristianos wealth of experience and knowledge mean he is the perfect artist for any project.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Lottie Loolaz

Resident Tattoo Artist

Lottie’s Loolaz has a strong background in art and design and specialises in realism tattooing.

Her creative passion was prominent well before she was a tattoo artist and prior to tattooing she worked as a graphic designer and studied art and design in college.

Her artistic interests shifted towards tattooing and she pursued an apprenticeship at Scream N’ Ink Southampton to better her skills. Here she learnt how to tattoo in a traditional style.

However her growing love for realistic drawing soon took centre stage, this is where her real design flare was.

Lottie now specialises in realism, whether it’s black and grey or vibrant colour. Her favourite subjects to tattoo are animals (especially furry ones), like big cats and dogs.

She takes pride in treating each tattoo as a personal gift, creating something special for her clients.
For Lottie, tattooing is a therapeutic experience and she loves the fact that she can bring someone’s idea to life, brightening their day.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Maddy Connor

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Maddy is a Semi-permanent makeup artist from Hampshire. Specialising in eyebrows and scalp mico-pigmentation, Maddy offers a range of treatments including eyelash enhancement, eyeliner, lip blush, eyebrows, ombré brow, hair strokes and powder.
With a VTCT level 4 qualification and several years of experience in the beauty industry, she has a lot of experience in creating semi-permanent make up that is unique to each and every person!

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Hannah George

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Hannah George is a gifted semi-permanent makeup artist with a passion for enhancing natural beauty. Since completing her training in 2014 at the prestigious Finishing Touches, Hannah has spent the last 9 years building up her permanent makeup skills in eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner, becoming a specialist in these areas. Her dedication to perfection has made her a go-to artist for corrective work, skillfully rectifying mistakes made by other artists. Hannah’s expertise goes beyond technical proficiency; she believes in the importance of understanding her clients’ unique needs. Hannah crafts bespoke permanent makeup that perfectly complements each client’s face shape, style, and requirements.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

(Kuki) Qiping Cai

Resident Tattoo Artist

Qiping Cai or Kuki as he is known is a East Asian tattoo artist specialising in traditional Chinese and Japanese tattoo, whilst being a well rounded black and grey and colour artist.

Having experience in China tattooing traditional style means Kuki’s experience is unique to our studio. Kuki’s work often revolves around the theme of animals and he loves to tattoo dragons, cranes, snakes, demons as well as Chinese characters and typography. 

Kuki hasa decade of experience tattooing in China, where he had his own tattoo studio. He learnt from his master/teacher, one of the best in China – AngZi Qi (translated name). 

With bookable appointments from Monday to Saturday, please contact the studio if you are interested in booking a tattoo with Kuki. 

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Tulio De Paula

Guest Artist | 1st September – 31st November 2023


For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Leonardo Avelar

Guest Artist | 28th August – 6th October 2023


For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Alcides Correa

Guest Artist | 28th August – 6th October 2023


For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Cesar Rodriguez

Guest Artist | 13th November – 13th December 2023

Cesar started his career as a tattooist at a young age in USA where he learned black and grey. He was heavily influenced by Mexican culture which is where he originates from. Cesar has done a number of guest spots with us, even back in our Ringwood shop! He’s a firm favourite of ours and an incredible artist. Cesar has tattooed across the globe and currently spends half of the year in Mexico and the other in Europe.

Cesar boats a pure talent in freehand script, realism, chicano but can take on any style. We can’t wait to have him back!


For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Marcin Andrzejewski

Guest Artist | 20th – 26th November 2023

We had the pleasure of meeting Marcin at this year’s UKTTA convention in Birmingham. We were amazed by his incredible tattoo, which won the ‘Best Healed Work’ award. Marcin is a tattoo artist with 7 years of experience, and his specialty is creating stunning black and grey realistic tattoos. He loves doing portrait tattoos, and if you take a look at his portfolio, you’ll see a range of different subjects and creative designs he’s worked on. Marcin’s talent has taken him around the globe, and he’s earned several awards at various conventions.

We’re really excited to welcome him for his guest spot in November. Please message to studio to book in.

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

Karolina Klimczak

Guest Artist | 20th – 26th November 2023

Introducing our new guest artist for November at our Southampton Tattoo Studio! We’re thrilled to welcome Karolina, who’s a master at creating vibrant and coloured realism and surrealism tattoos.

She’s been recognized all over Europe in the past 3 years, winning lots of cool awards for her amazing artwork. She’s scored titles like Best of Show, Best Collaboration, 2nd – Best Large Black and Grey, Best Large Colour, 2nd – Best Collaboration.

Karolina’s favourite thing to ink is a sphynx cat in a burst of colour. She’s also got a special love for tattooing animals. Her surreal tattoo designs mix abstract designs with bold and bright colours, making them one-of-a-kind eye-catchers. Take a look at her portfolio to see some of these fantastic designs!

For bookings email info@kookietattoo.com

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The Kookie Tattoo shop is based in Southampton, Hampshire. Commutable distance from Salisbury and Bournemouth.

114 High St, Southampton SO14 2AA

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