Archiebald Cook

Black and Grey Realism • Colour Realism • Oriental • Traditional

Archiebald Cook is a multi-award-winning tattoo artist best known for his exceptional skill in realism tattoo and oriental tattoo styles. Versatile in various styles, Archie excels in both colour and black and grey tattoos, consistently delivering stunning, lifelike artwork that has earned him widespread acclaim.

Over the years, Archie has won numerous awards at tattoo conventions across the country. His accolades include: Best of Show, Large Black and Grey, Oriental, Best Wildlife, and Best Female Large, highlighting his versatility and mastery in different tattoo genres.

Mentored by his father, Matt Cook of the Sharp Practice in Salisbury, Archie began tattooing at a remarkably young age. He started tattooing pig skin at just nine years old and transitioned to real skin by the age of thirteen. His talent was quickly recognised by multiple magazines during his teenage years, leading to several prestigious awards in black and grey realism tattoo and other categories throughout England.

Building a solid reputation in the tattoo industry, Archie has attracted a diverse clientele, including high-profile individuals such as international footballers like Jose Fonte. His expertise in black and grey realism tattoos has cemented his status as an award-winning tattoo artist, known for his precision, creativity, and artistic vision.

In May 2017, Archie opened his first studio in Ringwood, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his career. The success of this venture led to an expansion to Southampton in 2021, where his studio now boasts over 12 resident artists and numerous international guest artists throughout the year. This expansion has allowed Archie to offer a broader range of styles, including fineline, tribal, traditional, dotwork, and blackwork tattoos, while continuing to uphold his reputation for excellence in black and grey realism tattoo.