Leo Avelar

Dotwork • Geometric • Traditional • Neo-Traditional • Realism

Leo Avelar is a highly skilled tattoo artist, confident in a variety of styles including dotwork, geometric, neo-traditional, traditional and realism. Leo joins us from his renowned studio - Tattoo Kapala in Brazil for his yearly guest spot, bringing his extensive experience and unique artistic vision to our clients. With over a decade of tattooing under his belt, Leo has honed his craft to perfection, becoming a master of both black and grey and colour tattoos.

Dotwork Tattoos

One of the standout features of Leo's work is his exceptional dotwork tattoos. These designs, characterised by intricate patterns and meticulous detailing, truly set him apart from other artists. His geometric tattoos are equally impressive, showcasing his ability to create complex, visually stunning designs that are both modern and timeless.

Traditional Tattoos

Leo's traditional tattoos are another area where he excels. His deep understanding of traditional tattoo techniques, combined with his innovative approach, results in tattoos that are both classic and contemporary. Along with these, his neo-traditional tattoos are also noteworthy, blending the bold lines and vibrant colours of traditional tattoos with modern elements to create truly unique pieces of art.

Leo's Skill As an Artist

What makes Leo's tattoos stand out is his use of sharp contrast, strong line work, and a rich saturation of blacks. This approach ensures that every tattoo he creates is visually striking and durable, maintaining its clarity and beauty over time. Leo's ability to combine these elements with his clients' ideas results in tattoos that are not only unique but also deeply personal.

With his wealth of experience comes a wealth of talent, and Leo's reputation in the tattoo industry is well deserved. His traditional tattoos and dotwork tattoos have earned him a name for himself, making him a sought-after artist for those looking for high-quality, distinctive tattoos.

Appointment Availability

Appointments with Leo are available from Monday to Saturday at our studio on Southampton High Street. To book your appointment, get in touch with the Kookie Tattoo studio. Don't miss the chance to get inked by Leo.