Diyan Ivanov

Black and Grey Realism • Colour Realism

Diyan Ivanov is a multi-award-winning tattoo artist, specialising in colour realism and black and grey realism. With over 23 years of experience, his skill and passion are clear in every piece he creates. Starting his tattooing career at the young age of 15 in Bulgaria, Diyan has since become a sought-after artist, with guest appearances in Holland, Germany, and England.

Award winning

Throughout his impressive career, Diyan has won several awards at the Southampton and Portsmouth tattoo conventions for his work in both black and grey and colour realism. His talent for bringing film and horror tattoos to life with bright, vivid details makes him stand out in the industry. Additionally, his beautiful flower designs and striking female portraits showcase his versatility and his expertise in colour realism.

Diyan’s commitment to his craft is evident in his careful approach and the high quality of his work. Every tattoo he creates is a testament to his skill and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on his clients. 


You can book appointments with Diyan on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. If you’re interested in experiencing the art of colour realism at its best, please email or message our studio to schedule your appointment. Diyan Ivanov’s incredible talent and extensive experience make him the perfect choice for your next tattoo.

Black and Grey Realism • Colour Realism