Joining us from Brazil, Tulio has established himself across the globe as respected name in the realm of black & grey and colour realism. Inspired by his older brother at the age of 15, Tulio began tattooing and has now been tattooing for over a decade. Building a portfolio of exceptional lifelike portraits, animal figures, movie montages and landscapes.

Realism is a style celebrated for its precise shading and true-to-life depictions, and Tulio's exceptional skill and attention to detail creates a photographic quality that speaks for itself.

With a strong following and an international client base throughout Europe, South America and beyond, Tulio has continued to grow as an artist and we’re so pleased to be welcoming him back for another year. Back in Brazil, Tulio is the owner of his own tattoo studio - Tattoo Kapla - alongside another of our guest artists Leo. In been an honour to host him over the years, and our clients seem to agree that encapsulates some of the best portraits in our studio.

Take a look at his portfolio below.