Meet Lucas Lemus, our black and grey phenomenon: from realism, to fineline, old school and whip shading - he’s got it covered.

Back in his college days, Lucas realised that electrical engineering wasn't his cup of tea. After some soul-searching he found his calling in the world of tattoos.

His favourite style? Black and grey realism and the miniature version of it.

His favourite things to tattoo? Statues, eyes, hands, and everything human. The guy's practically a tattooing anatomy wizard.

This globe-trotting artist has graced Portugal, The Netherlands, Germany, England, and France as a guest artist. When he's not creating stunning tattoos, Lucas is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt who's been around the block, visiting 11 countries and counting.

Appointments available from Monday to Saturday, please contact the studio if you would like to book!