Hannah George is a gifted semi-permanent makeup artist with a passion for enhancing natural beauty. Since completing her training in 2014 at the prestigious Finishing Touches, Hannah has spent the last 9 years building up her permanent makeup skills in eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner, becoming a specialist in these areas.

Her dedication to perfection has made her a go-to artist for corrective work, skillfully rectifying mistakes made by other artists. Hannah’s expertise goes beyond technical proficiency; she believes in the importance of understanding her clients’ unique needs. Hannah crafts bespoke permanent makeup that perfectly complements each client’s face shape, style, and requirements.

Semi Permanent Treatment List


Ombre Brows
A soft shaded pencil brow look, with a more defined tail.

Powder Brows
A full definition brow that follow the natural direction of your brow strokes.

Hair Strokes
Adds extra hair strokes that follow the natural direction of your brow strokes.


Lip Blush
Defining your lips by evening the shape and altering the colour to create younger looking lips.


Eyelash Enhancement
Dotting in the lash line to create fuller and darker looking eyelashes.

Lining the eye to suit you personally

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