Chris Kiyoharu Hirakawa

Opaque Black and Grey Realism

Chris, known professionally as Kiyoharu Tattooer is an award winning tattoo artist, socialising opaque black and grey realism, micro-realism, and traditional Japanese style tattoos.

Chris's Style

His portfolio reflects his passion for dark realism and love for small details, which has established him as one of the best in his field. Starting his artistic journey in graphite realism, his skills have taken him around the globe, pushing the limits of opaque black and grey tattooing.

Around the world

Chris has had a life rich in travel and cultural experiences, growing up in the UK, France, Japan, Spain, and the USA. After returning to the UK, Chris served as an electrical/avionics technician in the army for four years before embarking on his tattoo career in 2017.

Chris frequently travels for guest spots and conventions around the world. His business name, 'Kiyoharu Tattooer,' is derived from his middle name, honouring his grandfather Kiyoharu, who shared his birthday and passion for art.

Chris's love for tattooing

His relaxed attitude and genuine love for tattooing drive his strive for excellence in every piece. Chris believes tattoos are not only a form of art but also a way to express one's individuality and tell a story. This belief leads him to take a personalised approach to each tattoo, ensuring that his clients are completely satisfied with the end result and that the tattoo holds significant meaning for them. Whether clients have a design in mind or need inspiration, Chris is there to guide them every step of the way.

Appointments with Chris can be booked Via his website: