Last weekend, the Kookie Tattoo team made the journey from Southampton to Birmingham for the ‘UK’s Top Tattoo Artist Convention (UKTTA)’ at New Bingley Hall just outside of the city centre. 

We set up our booth, and decked out the tables with stickers, banners, sweets and cookies. 

We loved meeting all the amazing talented artists from all over the country. With over 350 artists showcasing diverse styles and genres, the convention was filled to the brim with talent and creativity. From intricate fineline designs to bold realism statement pieces, to colourful traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, it was great to see a variation of styles being represented. 

Our weekend highlight was of course Kookie Tattoo’s senior resident artist Archiebald Cook winning second place in the Large Black and Grey category, a well deserved win in competitive competition with around 50 entrants into the category. Archie’s award winning tattoo was a realism Donald Duck playing poke, this was an addition to a healed monopoly roulette piece that had been started and healed a few months previous. The tattoo had caught a lot of attention throughout the day, with lots of people stopping to take pictures and chat to Archie.

For Lottie, Cristina and Nicole, UKTTA was their first convention tattooing and despite the nerves, they embraced the experience wholeheartedly and loved every minute of it! Cristina tattooed a neo-traditional flower face, Lottie a realism Pugga-poo in a top hat and monocle and Nicole a realism octopus. Photos below…

As the curtains closed on another successful UKTTA convention, we left eager and looking forward to the next one. It’s always great to meet such an amazing artists with a dedication to the craft and the community that surrounds it! Until next time Birmingham!

Our next convention will be The Big London Tattoo Show 7th – 8th September 2024.